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Jay's Automotive Testimonials

I took my 1996 Saturn in for state Inspection, oil change, and alignment. As usual they did exactly what they were supposed to. They even properly inflated the tires according to the info on the inside of the door. It has always been pleasant to deal with Jays Automotive II and they do quality work.

By Craig G. , July 6th, 2013


I was sure I needed new brakes. They were squealing like mad. Had I taken my truck to one of the brake shops in town I am sure I would have been sold new brakes. Jay's checked my truck and said they just had sand in them and I was a long way from needing a brake job. The honesty was so appreciated. I left with a tire rotation and an oil change! Thank you for not selling me what I didn't need.

By Leslie L. , June 6th, 2013

Received a call from consultant and was advised front brakes still had 70% life left in them he explained reason for truck shaking was due to rotors needing to be turned. He also mentioned it was the back brakes that were in need of service. I really appreciate Jay's Automotive honesty on advising me replacing back brake pads and turning front and rear drums. If I was another establishment they would have just replaced front brakes without advising me they still had 70% life in them.

By Arturo M. , May 11th, 2013


As a stranger to El Paso, Texas I had no idea where to get quality automotive service at a fair, reasonable price. I checked the Internet for automotive repair in El Paso and Jay's appeared to be a top pick. So, I checked it out for myself and found that Jay's exceeded all my expectations regarding quality service, a friendly courteous staff, delivering all repair services exactly as promised. And, at a very reasonable price. I will definitely return to Jay's and will recommend Jay's anyone/everyone who wants dependable, quality automotive repair work in El Paso, Texas.

By Michael D. , May 7th, 2013


Service was quick and efficient. Staff was very friendly and profession

By Jacklyn W. , April 30th, 2013


 As on past occasions Jay's Automotive was able to help me even though they were getting ready to close. They could have told me to come back the next day, but they didn't. Everything about the experience was handled professionally. I will continue to recommend Jay's to anyone that is looking for an honest and reasonable auto repair shop.

By Carlos P. , April 9th, 2013.

It took a while but the issue was resolved. An explanation was provided and the part installed. The shop was patient in providing a test period to see if the issue was indeed what they thought. Good job!

By Fernie & Lily M. , April 4th, 2013


My husband and I just moved here from AZ and our check engine light popped on the day after we arrived in El Paso. In AZ we had a VERY trust trustworthy mechanic, so the thought of finding a new one

was quite daunting. I began the painful task of searching the web and checking proximity and reviews. I found Jays and was impressed by the number of ratings, but mainly the fact that any negative rating

was personally addressed and there was always an offer to the writer to call and rectify the problem to make their experience positive. So, despite the 30 minute drive, we popped the 3 kids in the car and took our GMC down to Jay's. The office was clean and the people were friendly. We knew the car had many issues that needed addressing, but couldn't afford it at the time because of the move. Jay's let us know which things needed to be taken care of now and which things could be put off until our finances were in better shape. Our car DID take a little longer than expected, but due to the inconvenience they brought the car to my husband’s work so I didn't have to drive back and forth an extra time. Wonderful service!!!

By Bryan & Trisha M. , March 26th, 2013

Johnny worked with his staff and found a way to get our van repaired while we waited, avoiding us a great inconvenience. The waiting area is clean, bright, and homey with coffee, tea, and hot chocolate and a flat screen TV. We noticed that all of the other customers were in a good mood and were treated like family by Johnny and his staff. The service bays are clean, organized, and professional in appearance. The mechanics are professional in every way. This is truly a first rate operation from the top down.

By Ken & Rosa K. , March 20th, 2013


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